the thing is a one day mini-conference for the Stockholm GameDev community to share knowledge and have fun talking about the awesome games we make.  

We plan to:

  • host a bunch of valuable lectures that will give you a boost in succeeding as a game developer
  • organize a friendly mingle space with creative corners where you can make your own badge to represent you as the unique and creative game developer you are
  • kickstart the day with a Women In Games breakfast where minorities find a safe and friendly space to be
  • arrange a showcase area where you can show and play each other's games if you want to
  • end the day with a gamedev party 
  • prepare and distribute a Stockholm gamedev care kit containing the various groups, safe spaces and tiny events happening around the year
  • have several round tables for specific disciplines where you can informally share your thoughts, plans and ideas regarding games in general and making games in Stockholm in particular
  •  get together aspiring game developers, established game developers, publishers and investors so you can get a sense on what the Stockholm gamedev scene has to offer and so that you can forge those much needed connections you need to get a job or a tiny boost for your gamedev career
  • ...and the most important goal - enable the creation of new and life long game development friendships between game developers in Stockholm


More coming soon!

GameDev Force

Game Dev Force is a non-profit association working to support initiatives that function to increase diversity, support equality, and create safe spaces for minorities within the games industry.

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